Delone Carter – Suspect in Custody

34 year old Delone Carter was arrested for his alleged involvement in an string of burglaries throughout Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Police suspect the man from Georgia for an office burglary off U.S 280. Officials say Carter got away with over $75,000 worth of electronics. Surveillance videos showed the suspect simply walking into the office building during regular business hours then walking out with unattended laptops.

Carter confessed to this and several other burglaries after his arrest which involved a high speed car chase which ended on foot. In the car, police officials found tools for what the suspect confessed were for a burglary he was on his way to commit.

For now, he is only being charged with four counts of burglary and two counts of theft. This is expected to increase as four other neighboring cities have also obtained warrants for the suspects arrest.

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