While the United States makes up only 5% of the worlds population, it is attributed to consuming almost 80% of all opioid drugs.

Unfortunately, Alabama is one of the biggest contributors to this issue. According to Express Scripts, Alabama ranks at the top of the list for highest rate of use and fifth-highest costs of prescription narcotics in the country. The study found that while the national average of prescriptions filled per person a year in 2010 was 0.67, Alabama today stands at 1.17 prescription filled per person a year.

In a perfect world. the high use could be associated with excellent patient care and legitimate medical treatment. In the real world, the numbers suggest that Alabama has a major problem with the misuse of prescription drugs. This is considered by health professionals as “illegal diversion,” meaning that the drugs are being used to get high, not for treatment.

In any case, with high rankings come national attention. Police agencies in Alabama are going to be looking to restore their reputation and crack down of prescription drug use.  With added emphasis comes high arrests and the compulsion of prosecutors to make examples of misguided or innocent citizens. Don’t let this happen to you. If you or someone you know is being accused of illegal drug use make sure you have the right legal representation on your side. Whether justice for you means receiving a fair sentencing with professional help or the acquittal of all your charges, research a good Criminal Defense Law Firm near you today.