Hokes Bluff police officer and former sheriffs deputy Jason Barry Raley has been charged with aggravated child abuse. The 30 years old Raley faces felony charges for allegedly abusing a fiver year old boy in various parts of the Hokes Bluff area. Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin stated “My message is very simple, whether you are a law enforcement officer or work in any other career field, if you hurt a child or break the law you will go to jail,” Raley is being held on one hundred thousand dollars bail at the Etowah County Detention Center. The case is still under investigation. Child abuse is a serious crime and can have lasting effects on a persona life if they are found guilty and convicted in a court of law. The most advisable thing to do in this situation is to seek advice from a reputable Birmingham criminal defense law firm and find out what your options are.