A federal judge in Mobile, Alabama ruled that a drug dealer who sold slightly more than half of an ounce of crack cocaine will be sentenced to more than three years in prison last week.

Clint Coydara Buchanan was one of 19 people rounded up after an intense year-long drug investigation. He was not caught during the first round up in which investigators arrested 12 of the 19 members of the network in April, but was apprehended later on. Buchanan admitted to selling crack to an informant working with law enforcement investigators.

According to court records, Buchanan made the sales on Sept. 28 and Oct. 14 behind the Foley trailer where he was staying at the time. The total amount of crack that Buchanan sold was 18.67 grams, or 0.66 ounces. U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade imposed a sentence of three years and one month of jail time, to be followed by three additional years of supervised release.